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Say goodbye to rogue
content and hello to brand control.

Marq helps teams reduce creative requests with brand templates while ensuring content stays on-brand.

  • Lock down colors, fonts, and images
  • Users can easily customize relevant assets
  • In-platform collaboration and approvals
  • Share directly to social, email, or print

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Increase content

It’s so easy to push out new designs to our marketing coordinators. We’re much more organized, and it’s helped safeguard our brand.

Sotheby’s International Realty

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Guarantee brand 

"Marq provides autonomy to each of our branches without the risk of allowing them to go off-brand. It's cost effective and flexible, making it easy for us to better serve our communities."


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Empower your

Marq introduced the concept of self-serve design requests to our business. For the very first time, not everything has to go through our design team.


Save your creative team’s sanity.

By empowering everyone in your organization to customize content, your designers won’t be bogged down with production requests.
Instead, they’ll have more time back to focus on growing your brand.

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