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Easily access all of your on-brand photos, videos, and other creative assets directly from the Marq platform.

Digital Asset Management

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About PhotoShelter

PhotoShelter for Brands is the simplest and fastest digital asset management platform built for visual media. It’s a powerful media library that will centralize your team’s assets and change the way you communicate visually. With 15 years in the cloud and more than 500 million assets managed, our cutting-edge software helps over 1000 top universities, pro sports teams, travel brands, and organizations of all sizes easily organize, collaborate and share their photos and videos.

PhotoShelter is super important for the lifetime of the image. We might be shooting for a specific need today, but we may need that photograph in two years - and to be able to find that is invaluable.
Janet Boye Jenkins, Creative Director at Applegate

PhotoShelter and Marq

PhotoShelter is the leading Digital Asset Management platform to effortlessly manage, collaborate and share your visual media with the world. Connecting PhotoShelter to Marq enables the sync of brand-approved assets across all templates and marketing collateral.

Add approved media to Marq templates in seconds

Drag and drop professional photos and media from PhotoShelter directly into your Marq projects.

Maintain brand compliance

Ensure every piece of content that is shared with a customer uses approved brand media 

Integration Pricing

Free with a Marq Enterprise Plan


Browse all PhotoShelter media through folders or search by image name or tag.
Allow users to easily access PhotoShelter assets within the Marq Editor
Resize and modify PhotoShelter assets that are uploaded to Marq Editor

Use cases

  • On-brand media at your fingertips

    With the Photoshelter integration, Marq users can instantly access their full library of approved media without leaving the platform. This shortens turnaround times and ensures every asset that's shared is on-brand.

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