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Ep. 43

Why brand valuation matters

In episode 43, we hear from Ron Zwerin about why you have to know how much your brand is actually worth in dollars and cents.

featuring Ron Zwerin
Executive VP of Marketing, Communications & Brand | National MS Society

“Brand valuation” may seem like a vague, subjective concept, but as I learned after speaking with Ron Zwerin, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Communications & Brand at the National MS Society, it’s anything but. 

In fact, a brand’s valuation is a specific dollar amount — a mathematically quantifiable and calculated figure — and it’s one every marketer should know when it comes to their brand.

What we discussed:

  • What brand valuation is and why it’s important

  • How brand valuation can help you create an effective marketing road map

  • What you need to do to get started on brand valuation

  • How to use 10 key brand factors to raise your brand valuation

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