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Ep. 44

When CX becomes obsession

In episode 44, we talk about how and why being obsessed with your customers can do more for your business than simply knowing your customers.

featuring Pam Piligian
SVP, Marketing and Communications | Navy Federal Credit Union

Knowing your customer is standard marketing practice, but becoming obsessed with them can elevate your customer service to a whole new level.

In this week’s episode of Brand Land, Pam Piligian, SVP of Marketing and Communications at Navy Federal Credit Union, shared real-life examples of how her company’s values-driven customer obsession strategy has helped grow NFCU into the largest credit union in the world. 

What we discussed:

  • How NFCU’s customer-centric company culture drives its approach to marketing and customer service

  • Why viewing your customers as members can transform a business transaction into a human relationship

  • The effectiveness of using metrics and incentives to achieve internal buy-in and increased customer satisfaction 

  • Why your customer strategy should be focused, concise, and able to fit on a single page

  • The impact of the treatment and training of your customer service reps on customer experience

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