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Ep. 22

The escape game

Standing out in a crowded category is a double-edged sword. Teddy Cheek joins us to discuss the pros and cons of being in a crowded category.

featuring Teddy Cheek
Senior Director of Marketing & Brand | The Escape Game HQ

Escape rooms have gotten crowded in the last six years. 

Employers want team-building activities, and families want fun things to do in their free time. 

The enthusiasm has created a lot of brand confusion for escape room companies. 

Teddy Cheek, senior director of marketing & brand at The Escape Game HQ, joined the Brand Land podcast to talk about competing in a crowded category.

What we talked about:

The pros and cons of being in a crowded category

  • How to know when you're successful

  • When to compete head-to-head and when to go another direction

  • What drives decisions regarding marketing and branding

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