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Ep. 48

Reaching the unreachable with targeted marketing

When your target audience is transient, unemployed and has no transportation, how do you reach them? This week, Colin Jeffries talks to us about connecting to a vulnerable population.

featuring Colin Jeffries
Director of Marketing & Communications at BrightView | Co-host of Take5: The Rethink Marketing Podcast

Marketing is all about using the right tools to reach your ideal customer. But when your ideal customer is transient, unemployed and has no transportation — what tools do you use then?

This week Garrett and David sat down with Colin Jeffries, fellow podcaster at Take5 and Director of Marketing & Communications at addiction recovery center BrightView. Colin talked about the unique challenge he faced in connecting to a vulnerable, hard-to-reach population, and we discussed how he came up with some outside-the-box solutions to meet that challenge. 

What we covered:

  • Why marketing can’t — and shouldn’t — be confined to a single department within an organization

  • How BrightView used customer service to increase patient retention and recovery, differentiating itself in an industry notorious for bad customer service

  • The debunked myth that helped BrightView start focusing on a different audience than their competitors 

  • How Colin used patient feedback and focus groups to create a more effective message

  • Why geofencing played a significant role in communicating that message to BrightView’s target audience

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