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Ep. 7

Polish your brand to drive your business: lessons from a carwash equipment manufacturer

Big life events, like the pandemic we're experiencing now, require you to pivot and shift how your brand is communicated and seen. Tune in to hear more.

featuring Luke Schoenbeck
Marketing Director | Mark VII Equipment, Inc.

When did you know it was time to shift gears with your marketing?

A week after Covid?

Two weeks?

At some point, we all realized this thing wasn't going anywhere and that our normal marketing messages would sound like a lot of white noise.

Time to batten down the hatches, hold every dollar accountable, and shift strategy.

We brought Luke Schoenbeck, marketing director at Mark VII Equipment, on the podcast to discuss marketing strategies to grow your brands and drive your business.

What we talked with Luke about:

  • How Luke rethought his company's branding strategy when COVID hit

  • Redirecting resources away from business-as-usual activities to save money and improve results

  • How Luke replaced in-person events with virtual conventions

  • The one most-overlooked key factor to think about buttoning up when putting on a virtual convention

  • 5 recommended free or freemium tools for virtual conventions

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