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Ep. 53

Planning your brand story post-lockdown

In episode 53, we talk about thriving and surviving during the pandemic, and how Palmetto Goodwill managed to do just that.

featuring Megan Fink
VP of Marketing & Communications | Palmetto Goodwill

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic pulled the rug out from pretty much every business in the world, and brands had to quickly learn to adjust. Some adjusted well, and others, sadly, were unable to ride the coronavirus wave. 

We wanted to know what strategies might have made a difference between the brands that survived and those that did not, so we sat down with Megan Fink, the Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Palmetto Goodwill in Charleston, SC. Palmetto Goodwill managed to ride the wave and come out on top, and Megan shared with us the things she felt most contributed to her company’s post-lockdown success. 

What we discussed:

  • How Goodwill’s core brand story impacted the approach Megan and her team used to reopen stores

  • The sources Megan’s team used to gather necessary information for creating a reopening plan and cohesive reopening campaign

  • The importance of establishing high-level goals with specific, measurable objectives in times of uncertainty

  • The “paid, earned, social, owned” strategy that helped Megan’s team reach a wider variety of media outlets more effectively

  • Why Megan believes in the power of planning, even when the future is uncertain

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