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Ep. 37

Navigating high-touch sales in a no-contact Covid world

We're all getting used to the virtual workplace for better or worse, but it can be especially difficult for high-touch sales. In episode 37, Devin Harvey talks with us about how his company has successfully pivoted high-touch sales to the virtual realm.

featuring Devin Harvey
Director of Marketing Projects | Pegasus Residential

In a business where personal touch is everything, what do you do when a global pandemic has made personal touch nearly nonexistent?

Devin Harvey, Director of Marketing Projects at Pegasus Residential, shared with me how his 100% woman-owned apartment management company used preparation and innovation to successfully pivot their high-touch sales strategies from the physical space to the virtual realm during Covid-19.

What we discussed:

  • How implementation of better in-house communication tools prepared Devin’s team to go all-virtual from the start

  • The importance of constant innovation and early adoption – because you never know when the “next big thing” could be vital to your success

  • How high-quality media and online consistency can provide great ROI, especially in a no-touch pandemic economy

  • Why it’s important to think outside the box of your industry for fresh new marketing ideas

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