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Ep. 9

More than luck: Elements of viral video marketing

Capturing the attention of your audience can be real, well, ruff. On Episode 9 of Brand Land, we hear from Caleb Hepler, Creative Director at Lucid, and how he tapped into his audience with the Doggo video series.

featuring Caleb Hepler
Creative Director | Lucidchart

300 million views.

What marketer wouldn't give an arm to get that many eyeballs on their content?

Caleb Hepler, Creative Director at Lucid, got exactly those results with the Doggo video series.

On this episode of Brand Land, we invited Caleb to share his secrets for viral video marketing with the rest of us. We asked him: How do you make a viral video? How do you get that much attention on something? And how do you engage with viewers in a meaningful way?

What we talked about:

  • How the Doggo campaign came about

  • Why the videos have worked so well

  • The power of video sequencing

  • How to have success with the viral gods

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