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Ep. 17

Marketing's marketing problem

We chat with Elaine Ezekiel about common misconceptions about marketing and how the industry perpetuates them. Tune in to Brand Land episode 17!

featuring Elaine Ezekiel
Director of Marketing | Atomic Object

"Marketing is akin to snake oil."

Ever heard someone say that? A colleague? Friend? Family member? Those of us who work in marketing get annoyed when people call our industry's ethics into question.

But do we really understand what we do? What is marketing? How should people think about it? And how can we market our products and services ethically?

Elaine Ezekiel, director of marketing at Atomic Object, a custom software design and development consultancy company, joined this episode of Brand Land to talk about why so many organizations misunderstand marketing and how to fix it.

What we discussed with Elaine:

  • Why is marketing misunderstood?

  • How do we change marketing’s marketing problem?

  • What's the problem with marketing guidance from thought leaders, authors, marketing tool companies and conference speakers?

  • What are the key similarities and differences between B2B and B2C marketing?

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