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Ep. 16

The art of making your brand discoverable on search engines

It's time to merge the old ways with the new. Tune in to learn more about new ways of making sure your brand shows up in search.

featuring Garrett Mehrguth
CEO | Directive

Everything is about your website. You gotta rank well, draw a crowd and shake them down through the funnel right there on your website.

Or do you?

Contemporary branding experts are saying online discoverability doesn't work that way anymore. They believe a website-focused approach is legacy thinking. In 2020, you have to get a lot more creative about how you position your brand online.

Garrett Mehrguth, international speaker and CEO at Directive, a company that provides performance marketing for SaaS, joined this episode of Brand Land where he shared how to make your brand discoverable on search engines.

What we discussed with Garrett

  • Why the traditional marketing funnel is broken

  • Why focusing on “brand awareness” marketing tactics is not a waste of time and money

  • How to measure success in brand awareness and discoverability

  • How to become “discoverable” in search as a brand

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