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Ep. 5

Lessons from a master marketer

Defining your brand can be trying. But it's a critical part of your brand DNA. Join us and Owen Fuller, GM of Lucidpress, as we tackle what constitutes a brand and how to apply it in an in-person setting.

featuring Owen Fuller
General Manager | Lucidpress

Remember that blue-and-black dress the internet went crazy for in 2015? (Or was it a gold-and-white dress? We never decided.)

The man who launched the technology that created that legendary piece of interactive content — 50,000 people-per-second hit on the content — joined the Brand Land podcast for this most recent episode.

Introducing: Owen Fuller.

Owen Fuller, who currently serves as the General Manager for Lucidpress, discusses how to uncover what your brand is — and how to communicate it. 

At Lucidpress, Owen makes it quick and easy for anyone to create on-brand content and materials, which is great and all.

But what does "brand" really mean? How does it work? And what does the future of branding look like?

Well, tune in to hear more.

What we talked about:

  • What a brand actually is

  • How to apply your brand as you communicate in an in-person setting

  • How to think about what you convey to your market at each touchpoint

  • What's new and noteworthy in marketing

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