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Ep. 39

Keys to a successful franchise marketing strategy

Keeping your franchisees on brand is no easy feat. This week, we talk to a franchise pro about how she approaches marketing for 200 locations and keeps her franchisees happy. 

featuring Christy Barnes
VP of Marketing | Camp Bow Wow

As my guest this week said, “We know as marketers that a strong, consistent brand is important to success. It builds customers’ trust.” But it can be tricky to maintain consistency when your company has multiple locations or franchises across a wide geographical area.

This week I sat down with Christy Barnes, VP of Marketing at Camp Bow Wow, to discuss how she manages brand consistency across nearly 200 franchised locations — and how she uses marketing to not only build the Camp Bow Wow brand but also support its franchise owners.

What we discussed:

  • How Camp Bow Wow adjusted messaging to better address the needs of its customers during the pandemic

  • The importance of understanding marketing from a franchisee’s point of view, and building trust among franchise owners

  • How Christy uses her creative team and high-caliber marketing materials to encourage and promote brand consistency

  • Why collaborating with franchise owners and employees is pivotal to creating meaningful marketing strategies

  • How to coordinate both national and local marketing campaigns to get the most bang for your buck

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