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Ep. 51

Keys to more collaborative design consultations

In episode 51, we chat all about the barriers between clients and designers — and how to bridge them.

featuring Sadie (Howar) Koehler
Associate Creative Director | Principal Financial Group

When someone from a technical discipline needs to collaborate with someone from a more creative discipline, it can be a challenge for both sides to communicate their needs and ideas in a way that moves the project forward.

This week we sat down with Sadie Koehler, Associate Creative Director at Principal Financial Group, to discuss how to bridge the gap for more effective design consultations. 

What we discussed:

  • How Sadie’s experience as a designer in a large corporation differs from her experience as a freelancer

  • The most common barriers that lead to discomfort between designers and their clients during consultations

  • How to use reflective listening and other communication techniques to make sure everyone is on the same page

  • The best approach to prioritize a client’s needs while still managing expectations on a project

  • Why it’s important to communicate the rationale behind the design process and leave space for criticism

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