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Ep. 11

Infusing your company mission into marketing

Your mission IS the message. We talked with Robert Thomas this week about how he translates his company’s mission into marketing strategy.

featuring Robert Thomas
Director of Marketing | Feazel

"We just hired this company, and you won't believe what dumb thing they did."

Everybody's told a story that starts with that line, right? 

And while you want people to tell stories about your company, you don't want them telling that story about you. So when it comes to marketing, how do you shape your message to match your mission so you set and meet your customer's expectations?

Robert Thomas, Director of Marketing at Feazel, a roofing repair and remodeling company, joined this episode of Brand Land to talk about how to infuse your company's mission into your marketing content.

What we discussed:

  • The role a company mission can play in shaping its marketing initiatives

  • How Feazel used drones and AI technology to help fulfill their mission

  • How to get all employees to understand and live up to the mission so the marketing feels authentic

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