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Ep. 27

How to negotiate professional sports sponsorships successfully

In episode 27, we learn all about professional sports sponsorships, how to get one, and what it can do for your brand. Tune in to hear us talk with Tom Shaw of LoanStream Mortgage and ElevenX Marketing.

featuring Tom Shaw
CMO at LoanStream Mortgage / Managing Director at ElevenX

There’s no playbook for snagging a sports sponsorship, but it helps to get some advice from someone who’s been in the game for awhile.

In this episode, Tom Shaw, Chief Marketing Officer at LoanStream Mortgage and Managing Director at ElevenX Marketing, shares his best practical tips for rookies interested in getting into the sports sponsorship game. Tom addresses everything from getting your foot in the door to negotiating the final deal.

What we talked about:

  • The different kinds of sports sponsorships and their limitations

  • Where to start if you’ve never negotiated a sports sponsorship before

  • How to select a sponsorship situation that aligns with your brand story and marketing goals

  • What to expect and what to aim for in contract negotiation

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