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Ep. 38

How to help your company believe in the power of marketing

Tune in to episode 38 where we talk with Chris Panebianco about the importance of internal marketing and it how it can help strengthen your brand. Also discussed: Why you can't do it without data.

featuring Chris Panebianco
CMO | Bankers Healthcare Group

As a marketing professional, your job is to get buy-in from customers — but have you ever considered how vital it is to use your marketing skills to get buy-in from the people you work with every day?

This week I sat down with Chris Panebianco, CMO at Bankers Healthcare Group, to learn more about how he helped to grow a company of 50 employees with 500-1,000 leads a month into a company of 850 employees with 25,000-30,000 leads a month using intentional internal marketing combined with a data-driven strategy. 

What we discussed:

  • Why it’s essential to step outside your marketing bubble and get feedback from every sector in the company ecosystem

  • How getting buy-in from coworkers and company leadership can improve your ability to successfully market your brand to your customers

  • How getting data professionals involved in marketing allowed Chris and his team to use KPIs to track and measure campaign success

  • The importance of having the ability to adapt and pivot when the data doesn’t support your strategy

  • Why failure is a good thing, and how you can leverage it to achieve your goals faster

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