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Ep. 36

Your marketing isn’t memorable. Here’s how to change it.

Creating a memorable brand can be quite the creative challenge. In episode 36, we talk with John Oxford, an expert on the subject, to get his recommendations for memorable marketing.

featuring John Oxford
SVP of Marketing | Renasant Bank

It isn’t easy making your brand stand out in what John Oxford calls the “Age of Distraction,” but as he shared with me in this episode, there are specific things you can do to make your brand more memorable. John has (literally) written the book on the subject, “No More Next Time: Marketing in the Age of Distraction,” and puts his marketing principles into practice in his work as SVP of Marketing at Renasant Bank.

What we discussed:

  • The mistake you’re probably making that’s causing your brand to get lost in the noise of your industry

  • Why you should replace the 4 P’s of marketing with the 4 C’s: content, connection, conversion and campaign

  • The importance of clients and context when it comes to creating content for successful campaigns

  • How John used the 4 C’s to plan and execute a successful digital campaign during the pandemic

  • Why consistency and repetition can make up for less-than-creative content if you use them effectively

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