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Ep. 24

How Covid-19 affected creative for the Las Vegas Raiders

In professional sports, it all comes down to game day. But, what's a team to do when game day... isn't a thing anymore? Tune in and find out.

featuring Sarah Eikmeier
Digital Designer | Las Vegas Raiders

In professional sports, everything culminates on game day. 

But in 2020, game day isn't happening like it used to. How are creative teams producing assets that keep fans excited and engaged when they can't be at the game in person?

Sarah Eikmeier, digital designer at Las Vegas Raiders, joined the Brand Land podcast to talk about how COVID-19 affected creatives for her team.

What Sarah and I discussed:

  • How the shift to WFH is affecting creative collaboration

  • The ways COVID has changed creative production in preparation for this season

  • Producing an engaging asset that keep fans engaged on game day, even when they can't be at the game

  • How this season is going to play out for the Raiders

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