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Ep. 29

Building a human brand in B2B

How can you make your B2B branding less boring and more human? We talk to two brand experts from Degreed in episode 29 of Brand Land.

featuring Todd Tauber
VP of Product Marketing | Degreed

The most successful brands all have one important thing in common: they feel human. But is it possible to build a human-centered brand in the traditionally less-than-human B2B space?

I sat down with Degreed’s VP of Brand, David Johnson, and VP of Product Marketing, Todd Tauber, to learn more about how Degreed is taking a fresh, human approach in marketing their B2B HR product using a combination of deep-dive research, customer education and distinct brand identity.

What we discussed:

  • Why B2B companies are shifting from a standardized approach to building more human-centered products 

  • What B2B brands can learn about human-centered marketing from B2C brands

  • How B2B brands can make their products stand out in a marketplace flooded with similar products

  • How to create a brand that looks, thinks, sounds and feels authentic, human and unique

  • The importance of defining exactly what your brand is and what it stands for

  • The value of top-down leadership in brand personality creation and messaging consistency

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