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Ep. 18

Brand through time: Building and evolving a brand while scaling

Building and scaling a brand in spite of constant change is tough. This week we hear from Rachel Hofstetter about these challenges and how to overcome them.

featuring Rachel Hofstetter
CMO | Chatbooks

Where do you start to build a brand?

Especially when change seems like the only constant. Markets change. Customers change. Products change.

How do you constantly build and evolve your brand while maintaining consistency?

Rachel Hofstetter, chief marketing officer at Chatbooks, the world’s first subscription-based photo book service, joined this episode of Brand Land to talk about maintaining brand consistency while actively working to scale the brand.

What we discussed with Rachel:

  • Start with "The Why" — aka the underlying mission.

  • Product pillars and brand pillars, and how to align everything around them.

  • What "your brand is what people say about you" means and how that evolves over time.

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