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Ep. 32

Brand and technical SEO: How site performance helps (or hurts) brand

You need good SEO so people can find your brand. In episode 32, we talk to Geoff Atkinson of Huckabuy, who tells us why and how SEO is so important for building a trustworthy brand.

featuring Geoff Atkinson
Founder and CEO | Huckabuy

Technical SEO can be something of a monster under the bed for marketers, but it plays a significant role in how easy it is for customers to find you and how much trust they’ll place in your brand.

We don’t often interview CEOs for the Brand Land podcast, but Geoff Atkinson’s background in marketing and his current position as the CEO of SEO software company Huckabuy made him the perfect candidate for our discussion on technical SEO and why marketers should be paying closer attention to it.

What we discussed:

  • What technical SEO is and how Google uses it to rank websites

  • How search rankings can affect users’ perception of your brand

  • How to strike a balance between good technical SEO and a good user experience

  • The correlation between technical SEO and conversion rates

  • Tips for making your site more Google-bot friendly

  • How to prepare for the 2021 change in the Google algorithm

Check out these links to learn more:

  1. 2021 Google Update

  2. Page Speed Software

  3. Technical SEO Knowledge Base

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