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Ep. 6

Brand building on social media

Want to build your brand online? Hear from Garrett Jestice on how to elevate your brand's presence by supporting individual employees to build their personal brand.

featuring Garrett Jestice
Director of Marketing | Lucidpress

Marketing ruins everything.

Or so the saying goes.

It really comes down to a matter of trust.

Social media platforms are coming up on 10-15, almost 20 years of giving people and companies a way to be known.

And in that time, most people have learned that corporate social media marketing can be less than trustworthy.

Garrett Jestice, Head of Marketing at Lucidpress, hosts this special solo episode on why supporting your employees to build their personal brands on social media is shaking up corporate marketing as we know it.

What he talked about:

  • Why corporate brands should be synonymous with personal brands

  • How to create a personal brand

  • Leveraging social media to build trust

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