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Ep. 13

Aligning marketing and sales for bigger wins

On this week’s podcast, we dig in to ABM, the relationship between marketing and sales, and how to make it all work in a remote environment.

featuring Megan Bell
Director of Marketing | Falvey Insurance Group

For decades, sales and marketing teams have notoriously butted heads. Then, something started happening in the world. The two groups began to discover that working together amped up results.

All of a sudden, ABM came along and later COVID-19 erupted. That led to the whole remote work challenge, which makes it more important than ever for sales and marketing to work together to benefit their customers and their company.

Megan Bell, Director of Marketing at Falvey Insurance Group, a company that insures marine cargo, joined this episode of Brand Land to talk how to align sales and marketing.

What we discussed:

  • Why marketing needs to collaborate with sales

  • How to leverage ABM for more effective sales and marketing

  • Ways to elevate the sales pitch

  • Why marketing needs to get in the Zoom room with sales more often

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