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Ep. 42

Advancing your mission through meaningful marketing

In the latest episode of Brand Land, we talk to Cotopaxi's Director of Brand and GTM Marketing Manager to see how they take on corporate social responsibility. You won't want to miss their insights on how their brand's mission inspires its marketing.

featuring Annie Agle
Director of Brand | Cotopaxi

Some companies ignore social responsibility and some dabble in it, but some — like Cotopaxi — fully embrace it, with a “people and planet over profit” mindset.

This week I sat down with Annie Agle, Director of Brand and Impact at B Corp-certified Cotopaxi, and Carie Behe, GTM Marketing Manager at Cotopaxi. We talked about how their brand marketing works with their brand mission to create a company where, according to Annie, social responsibility “lives alive and well in every single role and is championed in the hearts and roles of every employee.”

What we discussed:

  • The aspects of Cotopaxi’s messaging and mission that drew both Annie and Carie to the company

  • How Cotopaxi uses its products and marketing to reduce poverty, promote sustainability and champion humane practices around the world

  • Why it’s important to educate consumers and use the power of marketing to inform and inspire, rather than to lure and brainwash

  • How to use your brand’s core values to steer your company toward an authentic approach to corporate social responsibility 

  • The importance of integrity and cohesion in both outward messaging and behind-the-scenes decision making

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