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Ep. 12

5 ways to be more human in B2B marketing

Humanizing your B2B marketing goes a long way with your customers — Tune into this Episode 12 of Brand Land to hear more.

featuring Jennifer Black-Janke
VP of Marketing | Chargeback

A small rider once sat atop a huge elephant. The rider felt sure he could make that elephant go wherever he wanted. But the elephant mostly ignored the rider and went whatever direction it pleased.

The moral? The elephant represents our emotions, and the rider symbolizes our logic. As much as we might wish our logic dictated our emotional direction, it rarely does. Even in B2B sales, we make buying decisions based on emotions over logic.

Jennifer Black-Janke, VP Marketing at Chargeback, a SaaS solution for internal dispute management, joined this episode of Brand Land to talk about 5 ways to be more human in B2B Marketing.

What we discussed:

  • Use normal human words.

  • Stop “we, we, we-ing all over yourself.” 

  • Talk to your customers MORE.

  • Create good content when the timing is right for your customers, not you.

  • Start one piece/project at a time.

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